Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here we go again....

So the jerks at PublishAmerica decided that the $9.95+shipping and handling price for my book was a little too nice so they decided to put the price back up to 24.95...I hate for those who took advantage of $9.95 price...congrats!

Friday, September 16, 2011

As The World Turns...

In a shocking development in the soap opera that is Me vs. My Publish On Demand Company, the company has decided to drop the price of my book to $9.95, so I will in return start posting the link to their online bookstore. For those who don't know they had my book posted at the outrageous price of $24.95!!!! $24.95 for a 158 page book of poetry!!! But all is good now...hopefully they decide to keep it at $9.95 even if it starts doing some numbers. I know its the land of supply and demand and all but C'mon Son!!!!

that link is:

Happy Reading!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

There's No Tomorrow Today (a day in tha life)

There's No Tomorrow Today (a day in tha life)

I've seen it all before,
I've heard the harshest of words,
I've tasted the bitterness of defeat,
And have recieved the coldest of all cold shoulders,
But I sill remain.

The walls have caved in,
Destroying everything that has been so masterfully built up,
Reducing it to a pile of meaningless ruble.

I cannot be bothered with trivial mishaps.
There's no room for trial and error.
Everything has to be beyond flawless.
The time to rebuild has come,
And I must embrace the task with open arms and mind.

The future doesn't matter now.
I am too focused on today.
Today things have to happen,
Good things,
Today I ave to succeed,
If I don't there will be no tomorrow.

Without a Plan

Without a Plan

He sits within the deep recesses of his mind.
Covered in thoughts.
Words unsought.
He dwells on the past.
When days were brighter,
But he's stuck in depression.
What to write,
How to write it,
When and where.
Ideas soar and fade in an instant
Why couldn't it be easier?
What is simple to others becomes so hectic for him
His demise lies in its hands,
Total confusion reigns supreme.
It's job is done.

A View From the Bottom

A View From the Bottom

What another fine mess I have gotten myself into.
I lost my focus and now I find myself here,
Uncomfortable and temperamental,
An uncommitted unmotivated mess,
Prepetually in the midst of going under yet again.
We've all been here before,
At least I think so,
Feeling like everything's gonna end at any given moment,
And just when you think things can't get any worse,
They sink to an entirely lower level.

I've run out of places to turn.
Never before have I felt so alone,
So cold,
So disconnected,
But I guess there's a first time for everything.
Precious moments are spent waiting for that inevitable moment.
Where everything in life stops and crumbles.
Destroying whatever is left of this miserable exsistence.

They say it's lonely at the top,
Or at least that's what I've been told.
I've never been there before.
Possibly in a past life,
But definitely not in this one.

I would like to be there just once,
And look down on the world below,
And smile a meaningful smile,
Not that forced smirk that is seen on a daily basis,
But the way things are now that dream is highly unlikely.

It's lonely here too,
That I am definitelyy certain of.
I wish there was a place where I could find solace.
Somewhere to shield me from the insurmountable odds that oppose me,
But my wishes are only that...
Wishes that will never see the light of day.

It's just another one of those sad realilties that I face.
I have no one to thank for this but myself.
I got myself in this.
I think I can get myself out.
I hope...
And finally be able to find my way to true happiness.



She stands idle as the world bows at her feet
With beauty and grace she bids the lesser a bitter farewell
Those who are lucky taste the pleasures of acceptance
Her eyes are composed of glitter-filled stars that I get lost in
No one knows what her heart truly desires
But I would crawl across the sands of the Sahara to find out
I would give the universe just to see her heavenly smile
And keep her heart content
I am only a dreamer who looks to the constellations for guidance
With hopes of one day proving myself worthy
Not only to her but to myself as well
She brightens the day when all is cloudy
She is the rainbow after all my storms
My only hope is that one day I can return the favor